Become a Notary Public Loan Signing Agent Training Course

Professional Course: Loan Signing Agent Training and Certification + Signing Agent Marketing Course + Mentorship

The most comprehensive online step-by-step loan signing agent course, certification, and marketing. | taught by Mark Wills

Course description

The Loan Signing System is an online video training course that contains the exact steps I have used to build my own loan signing business. Thousands of people learn from my videos, read my articles, and follow the Loan Signing System to become loan signing agent experts.

The Professional Course includes everything in my basic course, plus it comes with my most advanced marketing techniques and mentorship! Save over $100!

Unlike other courses, the Loan Signing System Professional Training Course is the ONLY course that will teach you how to market yourself. I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions in my training videos to get loan signings.

The best part of the course is being able to get on the phone with me and get a one-on-one coaching session! You can ask me anything!

The included certification is based on the most up-to-date, field tested strategies and practices so you can apply them immediately to make more money as a loan signing agent.

Here's what you'll be able to do once you complete the course:
  • Post your Loan Signing System Certification to NotaryResume, Snapdocs, LinkedIn and other networks and databases to show that you are an expert signing agent
  • Bypass signing services and obtain the highest paying loan signings that pay $125-$200 per appointment.
  • Work on your own schedule as a loan signing agent
  • Easily get loan signings automatically
  • Confidently go through a loan signing in about an hour

Become an expert loan signing agent with my most popular step-by-step video courses! Get all three of my courses plus all of my bonus items and save over $100! Here's what you'll get immediate access to:

  1. The Perfect Loan Signing Video Courses
    • Learn how to complete a perfect loan signing in under an hour
    • Learn the Point and Sign Technique
    • Learn the major forms and how to guide the borrower to fill them out
  2. How to Market Yourself and Get Loan Signings Video Courses
    • How to Get Direct Escrow Business So You Can Make $150 per Signing
    • The Secrets of Getting Signing Service Business
  3. How to Package Loan Documents (the key to getting repeat loan signings from escrow offices)
    • 48 Minute Step-by-Step Video Course
    • Bonus Video: Packaging Definitions
    • Packaging Cheat Sheet
    • Grant Deed Cheat Sheet
  4. Bonus Course: 11 Things You Need to Know Prior to Walking into a Loan Signing
  5. Bonus Course: Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Bonus Course: The Loan Signing System in Action - Watch me do a full loan signing
  7. Bonus: Live Audio Recordings of Actual Signings
  8. Loan Signing System Expert Agent Certification
  9. A Personal Mentorship Call with Mark Wills

The Loan Signing System has specific strategies and tips that work in any escrow state in the United States. I have students successfully using the system to make more money as loan signing agents from coast to coast!

All of my courses come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll get unlimited and immediate access to the course and certification!

There is no risk. Get the course today and learn how to make great money as a loan signing agent!

Mark Wills
Mark Wills
Continuing Education Instructor

Mark is a top producing expert loan signing agent, owner of a national loan signing service, and the course instructor of the Loan Signing System. He has done over 10,000 loan signings and hires thousands of notaries every year to conduct loan signings. He has taken everything he has learned in the nearly 15 years of being an active loan signing agent and created a step-by-step system that anyone can apply to make more money as a loan signing agent.

He is 100% focused on helping loan signing agents build their businesses.

Please don't hesitate to email Mark at or call 619-878-3431 with any questions!

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