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One of my favorite business quotes is “the fortune is in the follow-up”... why? Because most of the time your prospects aren’t going to purchase or use you after your very first meeting.

It takes several follow up attempts before they like and trust you enough (or just have a time-pressing need for your service) to give you a chance to work together.

This training course will help you streamline your follow-ups, saving you time and helping you grow the revenue of your business!

Grow Your Client Base Faster Using Email

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Using a customer relationship manager (CRM) requires a little bit of upfront work but the time it saves you is incredible... spending a few days setting this up could save you several weeks of time throughout each year and, more importantly, could help you follow-up more effectively and grow your business!


  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Sign Up for FreshSales CRM

  • 2

    Training: How to Automate Your Follow-Ups Using Email Marketing (CRM)

    • Video Training: How to Automate Email Follow-Ups And Get Signing Jobs Using a CRM

    • Video Training: How to Write an Effective Email

    • Email Framework and Best Practices

    • Template Drip Follow-Up Email #1 to Escrow Officers (Day 1)

    • Template Drip Follow-Up Email #2 to Escrow Officers (Day 5)

    • Template Drip Follow-Up Email #3 to Escrow Officers (Day 14)

  • 3

    Bonus: How to Send Monday Morning Emails to Follow Up

    • Video Training: The Monday Morning Email Technique

  • 4

    Support: How to Set Up Your CRM

    • How to Connect Your Email

    • How to Set Up a Workflow

    • How to Add a Custom Field

    • How to Import Leads from a CSV File

  • 5

    Support: Creating Your Sales Funnel

    • How to Create an Email Template

    • How to Create a Sales Campaign

    • How to Send a Bulk Email to Multiple Contacts at Once

    • How to Turn on Email Tracking

    • How to Customize Your Email Signature