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Training from escrow officers, signing services, and mortgage professionals

The Get More Signings Training Series is an unprecedented training course where you'll learn how to get more signings directly from escrow officers from the largest escrow/title companies, owners of national signing services, and mortgage professionals from some of the most prestigious national organizations. 

You'll also learn from successful full-time and six-figure notary loan signing agents. 

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Training Sessions:


  • A Letter from Mark: Welcome to the Get More Signings Training Series!
  • Action Steps Planner [Print for Each Lesson]

Training by Mark Wills of Loan Signing System

  • Introduction Training: How to Become the Best Salesperson You Can Be

Training Sessions with Successful Loan Signing Agents

  • Panel 1: How to Become a Highly Paid Notary Loan Signing Agent
  • Panel 2: Top Tips and Strategies from Two Six-Figure Notary Signing Agents

Training Sessions with Escrow Officers

  • Panel 3: How to Approach Escrow Officers for Loan Signing Appointments

How to Get More Signings from Signing Services

  • Panel 4: Training from One of the Fastest Growing Signing Services AND One of the Largest Signing Services

Learn from Mortgage Professionals

  • Panel 5: How to Approach Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers

Bonus Training

  • Bonus: A Bookkeeper's Guide to Saving Receipts

Closing Training By Mark


  • Mark's Closing Training: Treat Your Business Like a Game of Jenga

Signing Agent Resources

  • Bonus: Goal Setting Calculator
  • Join Notary Dash
  • Join Coast2Coast
  • Join Signature Closers

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About the Conference Training Host:

Mark Wills

Mark Wills

Signing Agent Mentor and Educator

Mark is one of the highest producing notary loan signing agents in the country, owner of a national loan signing service, and the course instructor and mentor of Loan Signing System, the premier signing agent training to thousands of people coast to coast. 

He is the go-to source for notary signing agent training. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 1 million times and he is the best-selling author of "The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate: How to Become a Successful Notary Loan Signing Agent."

Additionally, Mark is a published author and official member of the prestigious Forbes Real Estate Council.

Mark hosts the nationwide notary signing agent conference. The sold-out signing agent conference event of the year held annually in San Diego brings the very people that hire you for loan signings, escrow officers, and mortgage professionals, under one roof to provide insights and opinions on you how to get more loan signings. 

Loan Signing System is an official educational partner of the American Escrow Association.

And is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau:

Loan Signing System LLC BBB Business Review


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