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Loan Signing Agent Training

Online Course and Certification

Learn How to Make Up to $200 per Hour-Long Appointment Working for Yourself

Loan Signing System's Six Figure Course is an online video training course that contains the exact steps instructor and mentor, Mark Wills, used to build his seven-figure (not six but seven-figure) notary loan signing business.

To make six figures as a notary loan signing agent, you simply need to average 13 loan signings that pay $150 each per week.

The Loan Signing System Difference

Unlike other courses, the Six Figure Signing Agent Course is not based on theory. You'll learn the exact steps and specific directions in Loan Signing System's training videos to have the skills and knowledge to become a six-figure notary public loan signing agent.

Thousands of people learn from Loan Signing System's videos, articles, and training to become successful notary loan signing agents every day.

Loan Signing System is the number-one rated signing agent course in America. 

Loan Signing System Five star rated course

As a published Forbes Real Estate Council member, Mark's access to a vast network of leaders in the real estate industry is available to benefit Loan Signing System Students! 

Mark Wills Forbes Real Estate Council

Mark is the host and keynote speaker at the sold out notary signing agent "Get More Signings" conference in San Diego where students from coast to coast learn how to grow their business directly from escrow officers, signing services, and six-figure signing agents. 

Additionally, Loan Signing System is the only notary signing agent course that is an American Escrow Association Educational Partner, the premier escrow association in the country!

Loan Signing System American Escrow Association Educational Partner

And last but not least, Loan Signing System is rated A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau!

Loan Signing System LLC BBB Business Review

You can be confident that you're learning from the most relevant, time-tested, and applicable information about becoming a successful notary loan signing agent!


Step-by-Step Training Course

The six-figure signing agent course contains four key components to help you learn how to become a successful signing agent. Learn about all four components below:

Four Key Course Components

Component #1

Loan Signing Training, Certification, and Optimization

The first step to making six figures is ensuring that you are the #1 signing agent in every escrow office. Whether you’ve done 10 loan signings or 10,000, you’ll need to be sure your loan signing process is fully optimized to escrow standards (not signing service standards) which is what the Loan Signing System Training and Certification is designed to do.

Here's what you'll be able to do once you complete the Signing Agent Training and Certification modules:

  • Ensure that your loan signings are fully optimized to escrow standards
  • Do a signing better than 95% of experienced signing agents so you get calls for appointments again and again
  • Have the loan documents filled out how escrow officers want them filled out (not the way most signing agents think they should be)
  • Effortlessly do a signing in under 45 minutes so you can do more signings in less time
  • Separate yourself from other signing agents by obtaining the most rigorous and complete certification available

Component #2

Business Development and Marketing

The Six Figure Signing Agent Course will teach you how to market yourself directly to escrow officers, real estate agents, and mortgage officers so you can make more money per appointment so you can stop splitting your fee with signing services. You cannot be a six figure signing agent if you don't know how to bypass signing services.

Not only will you learn the exact marketing techniques Mark used to build his seven-figure signing agent business, you will also get a face-to-face online marketing strategy session with him after you complete the course.

Here's what you'll be able to do once you complete the Business Development Modules:

  • Repeat the exact script Mark and his signing service company uses to get 20-25 loan signings assignments every day
  • Walk into any escrow office and get loan signings
  • BYPASS signing services and obtain the highest paying loan signings that pay $150-$200 per appointment
  • Have the knowledge to easily get one to three loan signings every single day

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Build a Successful Signing Agent Business

Component #3

Packaging Loan Docs - The Key to Being a Six Figure Signing Agent

Loan Signing System is the ONLY course that teaches you how to “package” loan documents. Packaging loan documents is the best-kept secret to obtaining loan signings directly from escrow officers (if you don't know what ‘packaging’ is, that is probably why you aren't a six-figure signing agent).

Here's what you'll be able to do once you complete the Packaging Loan Document Modules:

  • Learn how to split documents, a 10-minute task that all but guarantees you’re the first notary called at every escrow office
  • Know how to get a steady stream of repeat loan signing business so you can generate a six-figure income
  • Separate yourself from over 90% of signing agents who don't know how to package

Component #4

Six Months of Ongoing Mentorship, Sales Training, and Business Coaching

The most integral part of the Six Figure Signing Agent Course is getting 180 days of ongoing mentorship directly with loan signing agent trainer and mentor, Mark Wills, LIVE! The mentoring will include ongoing sales training, business coaching and marketing mastermind sessions!

Here’s what you’ll be able to do with 180 days of LIVE mentorship:

  • Get ongoing sales training so you can open more direct escrow signing opportunities
  • Have monthly business coaching to ensure you are running your loan signing business to peak performance
  • Participate in live marketing mastermind sessions with Mark Wills and mortgage professionals so you can learn from the best people in the industry
  • Get exclusive training directly from escrow officers, loan officers, and real estate agents... the very people that hire you for loan signings.
  • Meet other successful signing agents from coast to coast!

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All Loan Signing System courses come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you don't like the course for any reason, simply let us know for a full prompt and courteous refund.


#1 Rated Online Course

Five-star rated training

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll get unlimited and immediate access to the five-star rated course and certification!

Loan Signing System has specific strategies and tips that work in any escrow state in the United States. Students from coast-to-coast are successfully using the system to make more money as loan signing agents!

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Five Star Rated Course


From Jeanae Ficklin

I can not thank Mark enough for the wealth of information provided in the Six Figure Loan Signing Course. I am new to the real estate business and decided to earn extra income as a Loan Signing Ag...

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I wish I had known about this sooner...

From Terri McKay

All of Mark's training is "on-point" and so informative. I wish I had known about this sooner ... I'd be so much further along!! This is the absolutely the best training EVER!!! I love it, and wil...

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This is the most comprehensive Signing Agent course available

From Geoff Goddard

If you really want to be successful as a signing agent this course is the only course you need. Mark takes you step by step in developing you into the best signing agent you can be. Not only does...

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Awesome Course

From De'Breka Gonder

This course equipped me with the tools I need to take the industry by storm! Big thanks to Mark, who answered questions that I had in a timely manner! Take the Six Figure Course and you won't regre...

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From Cicely Mitchell

If there was someone's picture who needed to be next to the definition of being thorough, Mark's picture would need to be there! This man is detailed, complete, and wonderfully skilled at loan sign...

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The Loan Signing System Course is a "Must"

From Jammie Cheek

Mark Wills loan signing agent course is what every loan signing agent needs. His course is throughly informative. Mark is very knowledgeable and detailed in doing perfect loan signings. The LSS is ...

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Best of the Best

From Paul Wilson

This was one the best training courses I've ever taken. It's packed with helpful and relevant information on how to become a great loan signing agent!

If you're serious about taking your Notary service to another level, then this course will be the best investment you will ever make...guaranteed!

From Jose Rivera

I was probably like you are right now, looking into ways in how to make extra income! I am already a notary, but it wasn't enough. After searching I came across this course. Believe me, I was very ...

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Loan Signing Training and Certification and How to get Signings Course

From Janet Hayden

First of all - Thank you for taking the time and effort in preparing this course. Being a notary is fine but your average person does not think they should have to pay you a fee for your service. ...

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Beginners and Experienced Notaries

From Maria Weems

Great course for those starting in this industry and for experienced notaries it's always good to continue your education. I have several years experience and listed as primary loan signing agent f...

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Fantastic in-depth course

From James Nigh

Watch all the videos, even the ones you think might not apply to your goals. Mark is an energetic, educated guy who doesn't BS. He believes in repetition-for-emphasis so don't worry if you're a s...

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6 x $88.00 Six Figure Course: Loan Signing Agent Training and Certification + Advanced Marketing Course + Ongoing Monthly Mentorship Buy Now

About Your Instructor

Mark Wills

Mark Wills

Signing Agent Mentor and Educator

Mark is one of the highest producing notary loan signing agents in the country, owner of a national loan signing service, and the course instructor and mentor of Loan Signing System, the premier signing agent training to thousands of people coast to coast. 

He is the go-to source for notary signing agent training. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 1 million times and he is the best-selling author of "The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate: How to Become a Successful Notary Loan Signing Agent."

Additionally, Mark is a published author and official member of the prestigious Forbes Real Estate Council.

Mark hosts the nationwide notary signing agent conference. The sold-out signing agent conference event of the year held annually in San Diego brings the very people that hire you for loan signings, escrow officers, and mortgage professionals, under one roof to provide insights and opinions on you how to get more loan signings. 

Loan Signing System is an official educational partner of the American Escrow Association.

And is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau:

Loan Signing System LLC BBB Business Review

What You Will Learn:

Getting Started with the Loan Signing System


  • Welcome to the Loan Signing System Family!
  • A Letter from Mark: Welcome to Loan Signing System
  • DO THIS FIRST: Access the Ongoing Mentorship, Business Coaching, and Sales Training Group
  • Loan Signing Agent Success Plan - Training from Our NNA Conference Session
  • Intro: What is a Loan Signing Agent?
  • A Day in the Life of a Loan Signing Agent
  • Loan Signing System Survey
  • Welcome to the Loan Signing System Money Club
  • Join All of Our Social Media Free Resource Channels
  • **Where to Get Answers to Your Questions**
  • Do you have any questions? Join our LIVE Q&A for Students

How to Get Your Notary Commission

  • How to Get Your Notary Commission (All States)

Preparing for the Perfect Signing


  • PDF Download: Loan Signing Definitions
  • Loan Signing & Real Estate Definitions Flash Cards
  • Notary Signing Agent Code of Conduct and State Notary Laws Resource
  • Get the "NNA Notary Essentials" Training - Special Loan Signing System Discount!

Section I: How to Do a Perfect Loan Signing


  • Print Full Set of Loan Documents PDF
  • Perfect Signing Lessons 1-5 Video Marker Table of Contents
  • Lesson 1: Two Questions Every Borrower Asks
  • Lesson 2: The Key to Filling out Forms
  • Lesson 3: The Point and Sign Technique
  • Lesson 4: How to Fill Out Amendments and Disclosures
  • Lesson 5: The Notice of Right to Cancel
  • Lesson 5 PDF Download Resource: One Page Right of Rescission Calendar
  • Lesson 5 PDF Download Resource: NNA Multi-Page Right of Rescission Calendar
  • PCOR Cheat Sheet
  • AKA Form
  • 10 Most Commonly Made Mistakes (and How to Correct them)
  • PDF Supplement to 10 Most Commonly Made Mistakes Video - Notary Guidelines
  • TRID Training - Closing Disclosure and Loan Estimate
  • Notary Signing Agent Code of Conduct
  • Expired IDs

Advanced Closing Document Training and Deep Dive into the Industry


  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) PDF Document
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Training
  • Reverse Mortgage PDF Document
  • Reverse Mortgage Cheat Sheet
  • Reverse Mortgage Training
  • Seller Package PDF Document
  • Seller Package Training
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage PDF Document
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage Training
  • Deeper Understanding of the Mortgage Industry

Loan Signing System Bonus Training!


  • Notary Guidelines: What You Can and Can't Say
  • Bonus Video: Watch the Loan Signing System in Action
  • Audio Recordings of Actual Loan Signings
  • Bonus Video: The Basics of an Escrow/Impound Account
  • Bonus Video: 11 Things Every Loan Signing Agent Should Know Prior to Walking in the Door
  • How to Describe the Impound Account
  • How to Describe Accrued Interest
  • How to Describe Per Diem Interest
  • Overnight FedEx/UPS Dropoff

How to Avoid Common Signing Agent Mistakes (Complete this Section Before Doing a Signing)

  • Video: How to Avoid the Most Common Notary Signing Agent Mistakes
  • Print this and Review During Each Signing: Signing Appointment Checklist
  • 4 Steps to Take Before Your First Loan Signing Appointment

Take the LSS Certification Exam Once You've Watched Every Video to This Point

  • EXAM: Loan Signing System Certification
  • You took the exam... what's next?

Get Your NNA Certification, Background Check, and NNA Membership

  • Do You Need the NNA Certification?
  • Get Your Background Check and NNA Certification
  • Special Offer: Get the NNA Membership (and Support Hotline) at over 50% OFF (Optional but Recommended)

Section II: Basics of How to Get Loan Signings (Start AFTER You Have Passed the Certification)


  • What is a Signing Service and Notary Public Loan Signing Agent Database
  • How to Get Loan Signings Automatically - Signing Service Business
  • PDF Guide: How to Get Your First Loan Signing Appointment
  • Winning Mindset of New Signing Agents and How to ‘Beat the Signing Database Algorithm’
  • Bonus Training: Snapdocs Interview (16 Tips to Getting More Signings on Snapdocs)
  • How to Post Your LSS Certification to SnapDocs
  • [Action Required] Sign Up with Signing Services Using this Proprietary List
  • How to Post Your LSS Certification to Notary Resume
  • Bonus Items: How to Fill Out Your Journal and Invoices
  • Bonus Video: How to Effectively Set a Loan Signing Appointment

How to Get Signing Service Business


  • How Signing Services Work
  • Why You Get a Text Message From a Signing Service
  • Should I Bypass The Signing Service?
  • Negotiating Fees With Signing Services

Section III: How to Get More Loan Signings Directly from Escrow Offices


  • Advanced Marketing Course Introduction Video
  • 3 Step Plan to Getting Direct Loan Signings (Recorded from NNA's 2020 Conference)
  • Getting Direct Business from Escrow Officers: The Backdoor Technique
  • Video: How to Get Direct Loan Signings Sales Script
  • PDF: How to Get Direct Loan Signings Sales Script
  • PDF Cheat Sheet: How to Get Loan Signings from Escrow Officers
  • PDF Cheat Sheet: Who to Get Loan Signings From
  • Lesson 1: The Basics of Getting the Highest Paying Loan Signings - Direct Escrow Business
  • Lesson 2: The Best Way to Get Escrow Business Cold
  • Lesson 3: Two Bonus Ways to Get Business that Most Notaries Aren't Doing
  • Building Relationships: The Key to Growing Your Business
  • How to Get Business From Realtors

Mortgage Professional Scripts to Get Signings!

  • Escrow/Title/Attorney Script
  • Mortgage Professional Script
  • Real Estate Agent Script
  • Signing Services Script

Section IV: How to Package Loan Documents - The Key to Getting Repeat Loan Signings


  • How to Package Loan Documents Video Course
  • Packaging Cheat Sheet
  • Grant Deed Cheat Sheet
  • Packaging Definitions Video Course

Section V: Training from Mortgage Professionals and Successful Signing Agents!


  • Advanced Training from Six Figure Agents: Christian and Sam
  • Training from Experienced Escrow Officer Joann
  • Training from Experienced Escrow Officer Jamie

Learning How to Market Your Business


  • Stop Thinking Like an Employee
  • Messaging and Marketing
  • We Are Not In Sales

First Things First


  • Three Keys to Success
  • How to Get Questions Answered

Signing Agent Supply List & Resources

  • Links to Notary Signing Agent Supplies
  • What Type of Printer to Buy
  • Get the #1 Loan Signing Accounting Software
  • The Loan Signing System Logo
  • Page Separator Software

Extra Education


  • 9 Reasons Why Being a Loan Signing Agent is the Best Income
  • Enough Loan Signings for Everyone
  • How to Become a Six Figure $100,000 Notary Public Loan Signing Agent
  • How Much a Loan Signing Agent Makes
  • Notary Signing Agent Fees: What to Charge
  • How to Build a Mobile Office and Print from Your Car
  • How to Print Legal and Letter Size Paper on a Brother Laserjet Printer
  • Remember Who We Served
  • Become More Curious

Set Up a Mentorship Strategy Session Call

  • Set Up a Video Strategy Session Call

Payment Plan

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