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Getting Started with the Loan Signing System


  • A Letter from Mark: Welcome to the Loan Signing System FREE
  • A Day in the Life of a Loan Signing Agent FREE
  • Intro: What is a Loan Signing Agent? FREE
  • Loan Signing System Survey FREE
  • Join Our Private Facebook Group

Section I: How to Do a Perfect Loan Signing


  • Full Set of Loan Documents PDF
  • Lesson 1: Two Questions Every Borrower Asks
  • Lesson 2: The Key to Filling out Forms
  • Lesson 3: The Point and Sign Technique
  • Lesson 4: How to Fill Out Amendments and Disclosures
  • Lesson 5: The Notice of Right to Cancel
  • Lesson 5 PDF Download Resource: Right of Rescission Calendar
  • PCOR Cheat Sheet
  • PDF Download: Loan Signing Definitions
  • 10 Most Commonly Made Mistakes (and How to Correct them) FREE
  • PDF Supplement to 10 Most Commonly Made Mistakes Video - Notary Guidelines FREE
  • TRID Training (Closing Disclosure)
  • Loan Signing System Expert Agent Certification Exam

Loan Signing System Bonus Training!


  • Bonus Video: Watch the Loan Signing System in Action
  • Audio Recordings of Actual Loan Signings
  • Bonus Video: How to Explain Accrued Interest
  • Bonus Video: How to Explain the Per Diem Interest Disclosure Form
  • Bonus Video: The Basics of an Escrow/Impound Account
  • Bonus Video: Advanced Concepts of the Impound Account
  • Bonus Video: 11 Things Every Loan Signing Agent Should Know Prior to Walking in the Door

Section II: Basics of How to Get Loan Signings


  • PDF Download: Who to Get Loan Signings From
  • Lesson 1: How to Get Loan Signings Automatically through Signing Services FREE
  • Lesson 2: The Basics of Getting the Highest Paying Loan Signings - Direct Escrow Business
  • Bonus Items: How to Fill Out Your Journal and Invoices
  • Bonus Video: How to Effectively Set a Loan Signing Appointment

Take Your Loan Signing Business to the Next Level

  • Get My Six Figure Monthly Mentorship and Ongoing Business Development Training
  • Get the Rest of the Course: Learn My Most Advanced Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

List of Notary Resources

  • Signing Agent Supply List
  • What Type of Printer to Buy
  • Get the Best Accounting Software for Loan Signing Agents
  • Loan Signing System Logo

How to Get Your Notary Commission

  • How to Get Your Notary Commission FREE
  • How to Get Your Notary Commission in California FREE

Free Training


  • Which Certification to Take First: NNA or Loan Signing System? FREE
  • Becoming a Loan Signing Agent: The Best Income FREE
  • How to Post Your LSS Certification to Notary Resume FREE
  • How to Post Your LSS Certification to SnapDocs

About Your Instructor

Mark Wills

Mark Wills

Continuing Education Instructor

Mark is a top producing expert loan signing agent, owner of a national loan signing service, and the course instructor of the Loan Signing System. He has done over 10,000 loan signings and hires thousands of notaries every year to conduct loan signings. He has taken everything he has learned in the nearly 15 years of being an active loan signing agent and created a step-by-step system that anyone can apply to make more money as a loan signing agent.

He is 100% focused on helping loan signing agents build their businesses.


Rope Management

Cleaning Equipment

Common Mistakes

The Best Ways to Start

Emergency Procedures

How to Climb


This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.
Cathy Wilson CEO @ MFC
This is the only resource to level up my climbing game!
Manuel Werson NYT Bestselling Author
If you need a challenge, this is the course for you!
Sidra Bathar Classy Dame


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3 x $45.00 Loan Signing Agent Course & Certification: 3 Payment Plan Buy Now
$117.00 Loan Signing Agent Course & Certification + How to Get Loan Signings Course Buy Now
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The Loan Signing System Course is a "Must"

From Jammie Cheek

Mark Wills loan signing agent course is what every loan signing agent needs. His course is throughly informative. Mark is very knowledgeable and detailed in doing perfect loan signings. The LSS is ...

Read More

Best of the Best

From Paul Wilson

This was one the best training courses I've ever taken. It's packed with helpful and relevant information on how to become a great loan signing agent!

If you're serious about taking your Notary service to another level, then this course will be the best investment you will ever make...guaranteed!

From Jose Rivera

I was probably like you are right now, looking into ways in how to make extra income! I am already a notary, but it wasn't enough. After searching I came across this course. Believe me, I was very ...

Read More

THE Loan Signing Agent Course!


I recommend this course to anyone who wants to excel in being the best notary in America! I've been a notary for several years, but then I met Mark. He is a great trainer, teacher, and mentor. You'...

Read More

Beginners and Experienced Notaries

From Maria Weems

Great course for those starting in this industry and for experienced notaries it's always good to continue your education. I have several years experience and listed as primary loan signing agent f...

Read More

Loan Signing Training and Certification and How to get Signings Course

From Janet Hayden

First of all - Thank you for taking the time and effort in preparing this course. Being a notary is fine but your average person does not think they should have to pay you a fee for your service. ...

Read More

Does what he says, Says what he does.

From Jim McKinney

I was nervous about this course because there seems to be so many options out there. Frankly I do not feel like I could have made a better decision. My wife signed up for the course from Notary Rot...

Read More

Fantastic in-depth course

From James Nigh

Watch all the videos, even the ones you think might not apply to your goals. Mark is an energetic, educated guy who doesn't BS. He believes in repetition-for-emphasis so don't worry if you're a s...

Read More

Very informative

From EToia Sorrells

I appreciate the time Mark has taken to help others, explaining, educating, and employing. This course is a God send and worth it. I'm only in lesson five but looking forward to utilizing the sk...

Read More

Dreams Aspirations Opportunity Skills

From Debra Lee Wooten

All of these things can be fulfilled here! Thank you, Mark for your expert insight, intriguing teaching style, and candid share of knowledge and experience to help us expand and excel in our fut...

Read More

Complete Course: Beginning to End

From kesa fair

This course is worth every penny and then some. Detailed step-by-step videos, documents reviewed line by line. Awesome course - Get it!

Simply Amazing

From Debra Lockett

This course is very clear and concise. If followed in detail, you too can become an expert signing agent. I've reviewed the videos several times; each time I hear something I didn't hear before. B...

Read More

Loan Signing Agent Course & Certification + How to Get Signings Course

From James Harrison

This was such an interesting and in-depth training into this industry. I learned a lot of technical terms as well as strategies to make loan signing a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Killin It

From Georgia Banks

After years of closing loans never have I endured such intense training with the how and where. As I'm a visual type the videos really brings it to real life. I thought I was taking this course ...

Read More

I Can Do This!

From Patricia A Thompson

First class training. I now understand how to effectively walk a customer through the process smoothly and timely. It just happens that I am in the middle of a refinance and this course makes the...

Read More

Loan signing agent course

From ReChanda Taylor

I enjoyed the course because the trainer was real. He didn't hide anything.


From Eileen Vander Leun

Very comprehensive course, and easy to follow along. I was already certified, but it wasn't until taking this course that I realized how much I didn't know! So happy I didn't start working and beco...

Read More

Very Insightful

From John Savage

Mark's Loan Signing System is very clear and to the point. He focuses on the main details without all the unnecessary wordiness. He is also very insightful when it comes to the main concerns of the...

Read More

Loan Signing Agent Course & Certification Review

From Leopoldo Quindor Jr

I have taken a loan signing course at the community college and have seen a huge difference between the two courses. One of the biggest differences is the Loan Signing System provides details how t...

Read More


From Cicely Mitchell

If there was someone's picture who needed to be next to the definition of being thorough, Mark's picture would need to be there! This man is detailed, complete, and wonderfully skilled at loan sign...

Read More

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Climbing 101

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$117.00 Fundamental Course: The Loan Signing Training and Certification + How to Get Signings Course Buy Now
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